Launched over 12 years ago, the only such company in Lithuania, Prior Musica operates as a music publishing, music label and production music company in Baltic States and worldwide. Through many years of experience and development in music publishing and licensing we set our goals to help songwriters through exploitation of their songs as commercial assets. Prior Musica owns and administers copyrights to musical compositions for use in public performances, recordings, commercial compilations and related uses, such as music streaming and digital sales platforms, films, advertisements. We represent nine international production music catalogues, including one of our own. Production Music (or ‚music libraries‘) is music specifically composed for use by producers of audio-visual productions, including film, television, web-sites, commercials, corporate productions, etc. We’re proud to represent some of the greatest production music catalogues, containing well over tens of thousands of the tracks in all styles and genres.

Having built relationships within the TV/Radio/Film community for over 12 years Prior Musica has had thousands of placements in TV, Radio, Trailers, Commercials, etc.


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Address: Didzioji 5, LT-01128 Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: +370 650 27008
E-mail: info@priormusica.lt
Reg. code: 125954472
VAT code: LT259544716
Account: LT40 7300 0100 7205 3943 (Swedbank)

CEO Inga Kuliaviene



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